skills & services

Lime&Listed Associates are independent historic building consultants specialising in all aspects of historic building and heritage planning consultancy.  We primarily offer our skills and services to the custodians of historic homes and often work with architects, surveyors and other heritage professionals.  We are based in Benson, South Oxfordshire. The skills and services we offer include:

•  Pre-purchase inspections and assessments for inappropriate and unauthorised building works.
•  Preparation of an appropriate schedule of conservation building work and specification of appropriate vapour permeable materials.
•  Historic building pathology including masonry, damp and timber investigations
•  Listed building consent and planning permission applications plus private pre-application advice.
•  Heritage appraisals and impact analysis for alteration and development schemes to listed buildings and heritage assets to support planning applications.
•  Client Representation/Project Management of conservation building works.

Technical Specification
•  Historic lime mortar analysis and mortar matching service.
•  Specialist lime mortar specifications for pointing, plastering and rendering works.
•  Hot mixed, non hydraulic and hydraulic lime mortars.
•  Specifications for conservation works with stone, brick, flint, wattle and daub, earth plasters, breathable limecrete floors, walls and ceilings.

Craft Skills Training
•  Bespoke craft skills workshops organised for individuals and groups as required.
•  Specialist training for those dealing with specifying, mixing and applying lime mortars.

Our Fees
The extent of services required are always agreed through discussion with the client and vary from project to project. Our fees start from £100.00/hour for an initial onsite inspection/ad hoc consultation to a percentage of total project costs for client representation or more involved project management. Please do get in touch to discuss your project.